28G Quad 2V EA Optical Modulator Driver

Quad Channel 28G 2.0V EA Modulator Driver SMT

Product description

The Centellax OA3SSQL is a surface-mount, quad channel, high performance, broadband 28 Gb/s electro-absorptive optical modulator driver with low jitter, 2.0 Vp-p amplitude and excellent gain and group delay flatness. The OA3SSQL is intended as a 100Gb/s Ethernet (25Gbps x 4) driver for EAMs. It includes Single-ended inputs and outputs.

This product is RoHS compliant


Option Number Option Details
OA3SSQL Quad Channel 28G 2.0V EA Modulator Driver SMT
OA3SSQL-E OA3SSQL Evaluation Kit (includes: SMT, eval board, bias board, cable, power supply, heat sinks.
Connectors: Male GPPO. Power cord ordered separately)
OPT101 European Power Cord
OPT102 UK Power Cord
OPT103 Domestic Power Cord
OPT109 China Power Cord

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Product performance

Description/Application Gain
(V p-p)
RMS Jitter
per Ch
Quad Channel 28G 2.0 Vp-p EA Modulator Driver Amplifier SMT / 100Gb/s Ethernet (25Gbps x 4) 15 2.0 13 0.8 0.25

Product documentation

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AN08 Surface-mount QFN Package: Handling and Assembly
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