32 Gbaud Quad Input Linear Modulator Driver

32 Gbaud 5 V LiNbO3 Quad Input Linear QAM Modulator Driver

Product description

The OA3MMQM is a small, four channel, high-performance, ultra-linear, broadband 32 Gb/s Lithium Niobate optical modulator driver. The excellent gain, low noise figure, low harmonic distortion, and flat group delay make it perfect for DP-16QAM applications.


The OA3MMQM supersedes the OA5MMDM.



Option Number Option Details
OA3MMQM 32 Gbaud 5 V LiNbO3Quad Input Linear QAM Modulator Driver
Default Connectors: GPPO Male Input /Male Output
OA3MMQM-E Evaluation Kit (incl: Module, Bias Board, Cable, heat sink, fan, and wallwort. Note: power cord ordered separately)
OPT101 European Power Cord
OPT102 UK Power Cord
OPT103 Domestic Power Cord
OPT109 China Power Cord

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Product performance

Application Conn
(V p-p)
RMS Jitter
DC Bias
32 Gbaud 5 V LiNbO3 Quad Input Linear QAM Modulator Driver GPPO  20 5 11 0.8 5, 305

Product documentation

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AN30 Basic Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Measurement
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