Microwave / Wireless - 2-50 GHz High Gain Power Amplifier Module

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2 - 50 GHz High Gain Power Amplifier Module



The UA2V50HM Amplifier is a broadband, high power, high gain instrumentation grade amplifier. The amplifier was designed to provide exceptional gain flatness per octave over greater than 5 octaves of frequency coverage. The 2 GHz to 50 GHz amplifier provides up to 30dB of gain and 30dBm output power with low harmonics and low residual phase noise.


Model Number Option Details
UA2V50HM V-Connectors, Female Input/FemaleOutput
UA2V50HM-E Evaluation Kit (incl: Module, Bias Board, Cable, heat sink, fan, and power supply. Note: power cord required but ordered separately)
OPT240 with Female Input 2.92 mm (K) Connectors
OPT241 with Male Input 2.92 mm (K) Connectors
OPT242 with Female Output 2.92 mm (K) Connectors
OPT243 with Male Output 2.92 mm (K) Connectors
OPT250 with Female Input Precision 2.4 mm Connectors
OPT251 with Male Input Precision 2.4 mm Connectors
OPT252 with Female Output Precision 2.4 mm Connectors
OPT253 with Male Output Precision 2.4 mm Connectors
OPT261 with Male Input 1.85 mm (V) Connectors
OPT263 with Male Output 1.85 mm (V) Connectors
OPT271 with Male Input GPPO Connectors
OPT273 with Male Output GPPO Connectors
OPTBLU with Bent Leads (Up) - call factory for existing specs
OPTBLD with Bent Leads (Down) - call factory for existing specs

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Product performance

28 @2-30 GHz
25 @30-40 GHz
3.5 10 25 26 7,1800

Product documentation

Datasheet UA2V50HM: datasheet 11 Aug 2014 313KB

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Support documentation

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